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Life is about embracing constant inner and outer change.

We learn to lean in, evolve and thrive. We become explorers of our own terrains and activists in our own lives. We come together in community to find connection to our selves, each other, the world; to practice and release.
I dance, I write, I have conversations. I hold space for exploration. This is how I make sense of the world. Join me in moving body, mind and soul, catalyzing transformation. 
Free-form dance as meditation and medicine:
  • Promotes self-care, expression and confidence.
  • Invites creativity, inspiration and empowerment.
  • Integrates all parts along the process of becoming an authentic human.
  • Allows connection to inner wisdom and harmony with higher self.

The body, our sacred home, is the laboratory and the entry point.

My mission is to invite opening, movement and release in the bodymind and psyche so we can fully inhabit our skin and access inner knowing, magic, leadership, connection and vitality. Step by step we cultivate pleasure, presence and grace in the full experience of being human.
The tools we are steeped in are experiential practices like conscious dance, ritual, meditation and focusing therapy. They inspire direct embodied learning, artistic expression and an opportunity to move forward on our path to conscious evolution.
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