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In the multifarious unknown

Day in and day out, I gingerly

Step into questions,

Like landmines, like an iron hot

Investigation. I often pause and

Draw the claws back inside my palms,

To observe before jumping, to chew before eating.

Inside my lifeboat cut loose in the

Cacophony of voices, right there

In the underwater,

I might die out,

For a moment,

For eternity,

For recalibration,

For a deep sigh

For counting the losses, for counting

The ways I’m no longer comfortable

With what I once knew and what I don’t know either.

At that point of weightlessness, of supreme suspension,

(Lifeboat turned life capsule)

My cosmonautic heart ejects in space free-floating,

Loving the entirety of our tiny planet.

With the sunset of old thinking

I return to the heartbeat of not knowing.


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