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In these containers, we give ourselves time to take pause from daily life and apply open attention to something which is directly experienced, but is not yet in words, or even in consciousness.

Go Deeper With Private Sessions

Depending on your needs, the sessions might involve a blend of ritual, Focusing body-oriented therapy and selected movement modalities, like 5Rhythms and somatic movement. Focusing, a form of "felt-sensing," is a practice of allowing our bodies to guide us to deeper self-knowledge and healing. The process of Focusing is the metaphor of inviting subtle, often vague, ephemeral somatic sensations to gradually come more into focus.

In these containers, we allow our inner, bodily-felt experiencing of what's going on around and inside us to speak and potentially form insights and shifts. The session can move from a particular issue to felt-sensing or start with felt-sensing and uncover its underlying movement. We explore energy in motion, create space and direct the self-healing properties of the body towards grounding, expression, letting go and unblocking.


Throughout it all, we practice unconditional curiosity, self-empathy and love.

Sessions can be held in person or online. Interested to be considered? Let's talk.

Possible Fields of Study



Inquiry and growth

Play, improv & relaxation

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