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Each Session is Unique...


In our dance containers, both online and in person, we gather to explore and co-create in community. We are responsible for our own selves and physical bodies, as well as for the collective exchange. Here are a few pointers to ensure a safe and respectful environment for movement and exploration.

How do I Start?

  • Enter in silence, make sure to warm up. The warmup is your own time to unwind and arrive in the space. You can stretch, sit, crawl, roll around, or simply walk through the space. There may be stretches of time without instruction. Let the music lead you, and trust your body to move in the way it feels best.

  • This practice is a meditation in motion – it doesn’t matter how you move, so long as you keep moving. Move how you feel and stay open to changing.

  • Practice self-care. Move at your own pace and be responsible for your body (stay aware of injuries).

  • Practice safety. Keep your eyes gently open, and be aware of the other bodies and objects in the room.

  • Practice silence. Let your body speak.

  • Practice respect. Mindfulness in relation to others is a basic tenet of meditation, especially here.

  • Stay present and gently keep bringing yourself back to the beat, feet, breath, movement - to your dance.

  • We dance barefoot, or in dance shoes - no socks or street shoes on the dance floor!

  • Know that everything that is alive has a dance, and your only task is to open up to and express yours.

  • Online: Clear space in your home or wherever you are for safe movement and make sure to carve out uninterrupted time for the sessions. 

  • Online: Treat the space in your home and on the screen in the same way as you would, if we were in person.

...We Release Expectations and ENJOY 

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