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Currently on hiatus.

An easy space to reconnect, shake it up and recalibrate in community. From the comfort of your home. This will be a periodic offering. Watch this space for the next series.

5Rhythms® Dream Waves – to dance is to dream, to dream is to build, to build strong is to follow what serves us, and what we are here to serve.
In the dance I’m interested in finding and sustaining pathways to the open, listening, relaxed, healing parts of us. The simple act of movement unblocks energy on a subtle level, releases endorphins (and other lovely natural substances) on a physical level and gives rise to different perspectives on a psychological level. Add to that the intention of conscious movement or movement meditation, the drive of the beat and carefully curated music and we have a chance to release the grip of Chronos time long enough to touch the vertical channel of Kairos - the qualitative, the timeless time, the unmeasurable, the time of the Gods. It’s where dreams live.
In that space we surrender to being steered by life in ways we may not have anticipated and become discerning enough to read our environment and adapt accordingly. Light guidance accompanies this journey.

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